As we are a 2 person operation, all products are made to order. Expect normal production lead times of 4-5 weeks during the winter months and 6-8 weeks during the spring and summer months. (updated Feb 7 2018)


Unit Description Color Price (per unit) 
ea Summer Top, Reinforced, Duplicate of Original Production Top OD $350.00
ea Summer Top, Reinforced, Early production 6 strap rear (no Jerry Can) Duplicate of Original Production Top OD $360.00
set 6 pc. Seat Cushion Set, Foam filled OD $295.00
set 6 pc. Seat Cushion Set, Foam filled Backrests w/

pr of zippered front bottom cushions and zippered rear bottom cushion

OD $450.00
ea Seat Back Pouch OD $49.00
pr Seat Back Pouch OD $90.00
set Seat installation Hardware OD $15.00
ea Single seat cushion (any standard cushion) OD $60.00
ea Windshield cover, Canvas OD $130.00
set Top stowage strap OD $17.50
set Axe and shovel strap OD $17.50
set Top bow strap OD $17.50
set Doorway strap, Early style (Heavy weight cast snap hooks) OD $50.00
ea Tandem towbar strap OD $7.00
set Jerry can strap, 2 pc. w/ rivets OD $17.50
set Complete strap set, (Less towbar strap), Early style OD $110.00
set Windshield stud set, Capstan (10), repro. OD $38.00
set Doorway body socket set (14), repro. OD $50.00
Drawing of Body Socket Setting Tool.
Unit Description Color Price (per unit)
ea Push-button studs/machine screw back/hood blanket/windshield replacement stud (NOS) N/A SOLD OUT
pair Crash pad covers OD $20.00
pair Crash pad foam insert OD $7.00
set Crash pad assy., includes covers, foam and steel back plates OD $75.00
pair Headlight covers OD $25.00
ea Mirror cover OD $18.00
kit Hood welting kit w/ rivets N/A $15.00
kit Body to frame welt kit N/A $18.00
kit Fender to body welt kit N/A $13.00
ea Leather Draft Boots:Set of 3 (Transmission, Transfer, Accelerator rod N/A $65.00
pair Oak hood block kit N/A $25.00
foot Welting by the foot:Hood or Fender welting per ft N/A $3.00
foot Welting by the foot:Hood block or Frame welt, per ft N/A $5.00
gallon CANVAK Canvas Preservative (clear), restores Mildew and Water Resistance. 100 Sq Ft coverage (spray or brush on) N/A $35.00
ea Universal Rifle Rack Re-web Kit. Contains web pads, web welts and rivets to re-web the rifle rack OD $22.00

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