As we are a 2 person operation, all products are made to order. Expect normal production lead times of 4-5 weeks during the winter months and 6-8 weeks during the spring and summer months. *CURRENT PRODUCTION LEAD TIME IS IN EXCESS OF 12 WEEKS* Due to monthly increases in foam prices due to increased oil prices, along with several increases in cotton prices and canvas finishing, we have been forced to implement another price increase.(updated June 28 2021)

MB/GPW Dodge WC Series

Unit Description Color Price (per unit)
set Doorway strap sets: Command Car, 1/2T OD $115.00
set Doorway strap sets: Command Car, 3/4T OD $115.00
set Doorway strap sets: Weapons Carrier, 1/2T OD $75.00
set Doorway strap sets: Weapons Carrier, 3/4T OD $60.00
set Litter strap set(4),includes NOS Hooks, WC54 OD $115.00
set Seat and hip covers, 8 pieces OD $265.00
ea Winch cover OD $28.00
pair Chain covers OD $18.00
gallon CANVAK Canvas Preservative (clear). Restores Mildew and Water Resistance, 100 Sq Ft coverage (spray or brush on) N/A $35.00

*Regarding Cargo Covers: Due to current manufacturing liberties taken with "Allowable Imperfections per 100 yd test sample" as per the Military Specs, we find it increasingly difficult to find enough clear lengths of material to produce large items like Cargo Covers. In years past, the old loom operators, as a matter of pride, made it a point to minimize Allowable Imperfections. It seems that today's younger operators and mill owners take it as a license to increase production by allowing the maximum imperfection count. We routinely reject or cut around imperfections that would be perfectly acceptable in a finished product for a Mil-Spec end user. Unfortunately, that is not an option in pieces requiring long lengths of material. As such, we will no longer be producing Cargo Covers.

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