As we are a 2 person operation, all products are made to order. Expect normal production lead times of 4-5 weeks during the winter months and 6-8 weeks during the spring and summer months. *CURRENT PRODUCTION LEAD TIME IS IN EXCESS OF 12 WEEKS* Due to monthly increases in foam prices due to increased oil prices, along with several increases in cotton prices and canvas finishing, we have been forced to implement another price increase.(updated Feb 28 2022)

Cotton Duck (Canvas) shade (OD #7)

All of our cotton duck is sourced from one of the country's oldest and largest government vehicular textile product manufacturers (in business since the late 1800s). The raw roll goods (greige goods) are woven to this manufacturer's specs based on Mil-spec requirements and then shipped to the finishing mill where the Mil-spec treatment and coloring is applied. The finishing mill has been in operation since 1922. This has been our fabric supply chain for over 30 years, insuring that our raw materials meet the stringent Military Specifications. All of our cotton duck is finished in OD #7 with a mildew, water, and flame resistant treatment, as per the Mil-spec.

OD #7 is a finish that will be subject to shade variations (shading) based on numerous factors in the finishing process. Shading can vary widely within a dye lot (normally a 2000 yd run of fabric), and can vary within a roll within the dye lot. There are no absolutes in OD #7.


Cotton duck used for exterior canvas (Tops, Side Curtains, Tarps, etc.) is a different fabric and treatment than cotton duck used in seating products. Although both are treated,  as above, in OD #7, the final finishing, as well as shading, will make the colors present drastically differently. This is normal and is to be expected. Canvas colors are not intended to, nor supposed to match. Mil-spec canvas is not a fashion show or interior design item. It's purpose is utilitarian. Aesthetics are not involved. This is an industrial fabric. Mil-spec vehicular canvas items are designed to fulfill form, fit and function needs, as per the original drawings and specs.


If you are of the misguided belief that all of your canvas should match, we are probably not your choice for a canvas supplier. If you like the shade of canvas that you saw at a show (a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, multiple years ago), or you like the shade of canvas that we provided to a friend (a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, multiple years ago), and are basing your buying decision on the aesthetics of that color, we are probably not your choice for a canvas supplier (see shading above).


It's both disturbing and disheartening that I have to spell this out. I, and others, have noticed an emerging and dismaying trend over the last decade as to MV newbie restorer/owners incorrect, unrealistic and absurd notions as to the way surplus or mil-spec items "ought to be". If you hold or profess any of these unreasonable beliefs, we are probably not your choice for a canvas supplier.


In order to gain a proper perspective of our M170 products, CLICK HERE to view our Award Winning M170.


LOOKING for PARTS. We're interested in any M170 Specific Parts (Litter Racks, Reel Lights, Seat frames, Bows, etc.

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Ordering Information

Unit Description Color Price (per unit)
ea Winter Top, OEM duplicate OD $1175.00
ea Side curtain, Driver's OD $260.00
ea Side curtain, Passenger's OD $276.00
ea Door cover, Driver's, w/ Gate Pass/Hand Signal zipper OD $260.00
ea Door Cover, Passenger's OD $260.00
ea Cushions, rear fender, Long (2 req'd) OD 92.00
ea Cushions, Short (2 req'd) OD $86.00
ea Seat cover, Driver/Medic bottom OD $48.00
ea Seat cover, Driver backrest OD $60.00
ea Cover, litter headrest, (driver seat) OD $28.00
set Seat covers, Medic jump seat hinged back OD $86.00
set Seat Installation Hardware, all screws, trim washers and expansion pins to install all seat covers and wheelhouse cushions Blk $40.00
pair Tailgate chain covers OD $18.00
set Strap set, complete.

(Includes tool straps, jerry can strap, seat strap, all litter straps, door stowage straps, windshield strap, litter handle pocket strap)

OD $222.50
set Hood welt kit N/A $14.00
set Windshield rest welt kit N/A $6.00
gallon CANVAK Canvas Preservative (clear). Restores Mildew and Water Resistance, 100 Sq Ft coverage (spray or brush on) N/A $35.00