As we are a 2 person operation, all products are made to order. Expect normal production lead times of 4-5 weeks during the winter months and 6-8 weeks during the spring and summer months. (updated Jan 1 2021)


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LOOKING for PARTS. We're interested in any M170 Specific Parts (Litter Racks, Reel Lights, Seat frames, Bows, etc.

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Ordering Information

Unit Description Color Price (per unit)
ea Winter Top, OEM duplicate OD $950.00
ea Side curtain, Driver's OD $205.00
ea Side curtain, Passenger's OD $220.00
ea Door cover, Driver's, w/ Gate Pass/Hand Signal zipper OD $205.00
ea Door Cover, Passenger's OD $215.00
ea Cushions, rear fender, Long OD $75.00
ea Cushions, Short OD $70.00
ea Seat cover, Driver/Medic bottom OD $40.00
ea Seat cover, Driver backrest OD $50.00
ea Cover, litter headrest, (driver seat) OD $25.00
set Seat covers, Medic jump seat hinged back OD $70.00
set Seat Installation Hardware, all screws, trim washers and expansion pins to install all seat covers and wheelhouse cushions Blk $40.00
pair Tailgate chain covers OD $15.00
set Strap set, complete.

(Includes tool straps, jerry can strap, seat strap, all litter straps, door stowage straps, windshield strap, litter handle pocket strap)

OD $202.50
set Hood welt kit N/A $14.00
set Windshield rest welt kit N/A $6.00
gallon CANVAK Canvas Preservative (clear). Restores Mildew and Water Resistance, 100 Sq Ft coverage (spray or brush on) N/A $35.00